Pie Emoji. Immediately.

Not long ago, I noticed that there isn't actually a pie emoji.  Which is RIDICULOUS...because do you know how many times a day I would use that thing?  After I received a text today and the sender used a cake emoji in lieu of a pie emoji, I decided that I was OVER IT.  How can we ever have World Pie Domination...with a cake substitute? So I did what any righteously indignant person does in 2016.  I created a Change.org petition.  And you can sign it, right here:

(I spent an hour trying to embed the code so that you could see the preview of the petition, but I couldn't get it to work to save my life.  Apparently, when our site was cleared of porn, it took away our ability to add plug-ins.  HACKERS ARE DEAD TO ME.)

(I really have no idea what any of that means.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason just said that sentence and I typed it, so that it would appear that someone in this show knows what's going on with our technology.)

(Someone insert stabbing knife emojis here, please.)