Check On Me.

Well, hello there.  After a 10-day PJP hiatus, I'm officially back from vacation with my family.  And if you are curious, we went on a cruise to the western Caribbean...and the destinations don't even really matter because for seven nights, I didn't cook anything, clean anything, or make decisions about anything, except whether I wanted another chocolate martini... NH0zEjj

I did think about PJP quite a bit, which I'm sure doesn't surprise you.  Most notably, everything on a cruise ship runs with efficiency.  Two days in, I said to Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason that if Jeanne and I were in charge, the entire ship would sink around us while we stood in the kitchen and tried to figure out how to make Chocolate Melting Cake for 4,000 guests by ourselves.  And even if we figured it out, Jeanne would then hand wash all 4,000 ramekins while I stressed out that we didn't fold the towel animals into proper elephant shapes for each stateroom.  Sounds about right.

When our ship finally eased into the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico and my phone finally found a connection after seven days, I devoured each word of Jeanne's blog posts that she did in my absence.  I loved reading them because it confirmed that she misses me as much when I'm gone as I miss her when she is gone.  And I felt bad for the struggles she had (I'm totally talking about you, UPS shipping labels).  But mainly I enjoyed her perspective on PJP without my own experience clouding it.

So tomorrow we are back at it.  Jeanne has alerted me that we have no nine-inch pie boxes in stock and a heavy whipping cream debacle to solve.  And I'll have no one following me around to offer me a chocolate martini.  You might need to check on me...