Random Thoughts

Thursday was an uneventful day, other than getting an abnormal amount of phone calls from Google wanting something I didn't understand. After several calls, I began to just hang up the phone when the Google name came up. Robo calls are annoying and Rebecca will know what to do when she comes back. We also received calls ranging from  "what do you bake on Thursdays?" I can't tolerate any dairy products, can I get a Key Lime? I am having a Mexican dinner and what pie would compliment the dinner? All the staff got involved shouting out what kind of pie they thought she should order. The consensus was either Key Lime or Lemon. The caller chose the lemon meringue unless I could make a flan.  I was intrigued and told her I would do some recipe research and call her back. The flan is delicious but you really needed a stove top burner to pull it off. After explaining this to her, she chose the lemon pie. I wish we had put in a hood system to have a stove top burner. I miss making butterscotch pie and other sweets that I would like to make. Of course, if we had one, I would tend to make other things other than pie. Rebecca would have a hard time keeping me focused on pies and World Pie Domination. Couldn't we focus on World Pie Domination and offer a side of other goodies? I snicker to myself because I know that exasperated look on her face when I have stepped on her last nerve.

My grandson, Hayden, and my granddaughter, Ellery, kept asking me last week would I really blog and what was I going to say? I heard these questions about a million times from them. They laughed every time they ask me. They know I will struggle trying to post. Last year, I don't think I posted a single thing while they were away on vacation.

Since this is the last of my  blog posts, I will say to Jason, Rebecca, Hayden and Ellery these thoughts.

l.  You will not be taking vacation next year unless we close the shop and I go with you.

2. Running the pie shop is not a one person's responsibility. Between the excessive heat, managing the staff, dealing with salespeople, figuring out the baking schedule and fielding phone calls, I am more than anxious for Rebecca to come home. What if she doesn't want to come home? Too bad, sister, I'm not doing this pie thing without you!

3. The staff at the pie shop have been quiet. When Rebecca is there, they are full of chatter and laughter. With me, it has been a one question and a one answer response. That's probably because I am older and, unlike Rebecca ,do not keep up with the latest Buzz Feed news and other social news. Another factor is that I don't talk when I am working, I become to involved with what I am working on that I zone out other people's conversation. I guess I zone out or I am hard of hearing. Rebecca says she plans on getting me a hearing aid for Christmas.

I welcome Friday and Saturday as busy as they will be with Father's Day on Sunday. I know that the end of the week will bring back normalcy next week. I can't want to scrap the floors knowing that Rebecca will be telling to STOP between her customer conversation and  her social media stuff. I can't wait to have our coffee mornings where we steal a few minutes to discuss plans, problems, and goals. I can't wait to see the grandkids and hear of all the details of what they did. I miss Jason answering my phone calls with "Technical Support".  I miss Rebecca's cooking ( if I feel too tired to cook, she always has something delicious to eat).

Thanks to all our customers, your're the BEST! The support you have given me this week has been invaluable. I didn't feel so lost and my feet hurt a little less with your kind words.