On Newsstands Now.

Well, as it turns out Jeanne's blog posts from last week weren't posted to Facebook (although they were on the PJP website).  If you missed out and are curious about PJP from her perspective, you can find her posts here, here, and here.  Oh, and my favorite here.  Read them and I think we will all agree that Jeanne is happy tonight that I'm making the shipping labels for tomorrow and that she is most likely already in bed.  (Though I did see that Hulu just added "Hopalong Cassidy", so she could be 81 episodes in and high on William Boyd...that is possible too.) Speaking of shipping, we learned this afternoon that our sweet Jelly Jar pies are featured in the July issue of Entrepreneur magazine...


Available on newsstands nationwide, July's Entrepreneur has a short feature on several companies with innovative packaging and design and the editors included PJP.  I KNOW, RIGHT?IMG_7085

Because I lack zero chill when it comes to thinking about World Pie Domination in full color for sale across the United States, I went immediately to Barnes&Noble and purchased every copy available.  And when I checked out, the clerk said "huh...another guy just came in here and bought the same magazine...", which was funny because I was certain it was Aaron Ottis, who was responsible for the beautiful images of the jars (and who got the photo credit in the magazine).

By way of backstory, I was contacted two months or so ago by the person who wrote the piece and we had a lovely chat.  I sent her a sample box later that week and shortly thereafter, a photo editor from Entrepreneur emailed me with an urgent request for high resolution photos of the jars.  I was so very thankful to be able to include Aaron on the email loop so that he could jump in and take the lead, making us look like a polished and legit company (because without him, I probably would have had to offer to text her an iPhone pic...super classy).

So, there's all that.  If you happen upon PJP in the next five weeks or so, be certain that we will whip out a copy and show it to you.  World Pie Domination on newsstands in America, available now (except at the Columbia Barnes&Noble because I bought them all).