Crazy Weekend

As you probably know, Rebeccca and family left on vacation Friday morning. My eyes swelled a little at the thought of not being able to communicate with her a WHOLE WEEK!  Being strong, I held back any tears and told her to relax and things would be fine without her. ( I don't know if I really believe this, but it sounded motherly and comforting) Friday started off busy, customers coming in before the time to open. All staff was on high alert to keep baking more pies. Around 11 a.m. you could hear a pin drop. What happened?  The phone was not ringing, no one coming thru the door. So I put plan B into operation, cleaning. I could hear the muffled moans and the sighing of the staff. We cleaned until 1 p.m. with a tiny bit of customer service interrupting the scraping of the floor.  Had Rebecca been here, she would have been the staff's hero by telling me to STOP SCRAPING THE FLOOR!  She hates the sound of metal against concrete.  At 1 pm I told the staff to go home, no sense paying for payroll when staff have nothing to do. Plum(my husband) and I could handle the quietness. We planned to make lots of dough and stamp out shells. However, about 45 minutes after the staff left, we were bombarded! We stayed at a constant pace until closing.  At 5:30, Plum yells to lock the door so we could start cleaning up the kitchen mess. The day ended strong in sales and although we stayed about an hour past closing for clean up, I was proud of us. I really tried to be engaging with our customers and made sure I appreciated their business. (I really do!) I like to think that Rebecca would be surprised how well I multi-tasked with baking and customer service. I do admit that when she is here, I leave all customer service up to her. She remembers customers names, even their dog names, grandchildren names, etc.  I can remember faces but not names.

This coming week, pray that Square works, that we have no porn hacking, etc. Rebecca made sure I had the proper contacts if something like this happens. I hope is a note that never is needed. I hope she gets a proper tan, relaxes and forget about the business. Why, because when she returns next week, I am running away!