Either Way.

Before I go radio silent for the next week, here are a few items of interest from PJP this week...

  1. A promotional materials company called this week because a client had "backed out of a $1 million dollar purchase of goods" and because the warehouse was full, they wanted to offer PJP some cheap prices on ink pens.  Well, that sounds legit.  Said no one ever.
  2. And some other company called with a fairly compelling price on PJP logo coffee cups.  I wavered until he suggested that he have "his girl" call later to finalize the price with shipping.  His girl?  Really? Did we time travel back to 1950?  Yeah...no thanks.
  3. While the website appears to be porn free for seven days and counting, the blog comments are infiltrated with offers for us all to make $1,000 dollars an hour with easy and fast work.  I'm marking them all as spam, but it makes me nervous to know that Nigerian princes are lurking around the comments section with pleas of much needed cashier's checks to be sent immediately in exchange for all the riches of Nigeria.
  4. Fire trucks hauled through our parking lot this afternoon and then abruptly stopped in front of PJP.  As it turns out, there was a fire in the grassy area next to the parking spaces closest to Sonic.  It turned out to be a non-issue but a good tester of my anxiety peaking to DEFCON 1 as sirens and flashing lights hovered outside our front door.  Someone mark "do you think our roof is on fire?" off the list of things never heard at PJP.
  5. And finally, Mac climbed to the very top of a ladder and changed all the light bulbs in the front of the store chandeliers.  We were convinced he would never be able to reach them without a inordinately tall ladder and as it turns out, it was no big deal at all.  Mac deserves all the Nigerian riches we are totally in line to receive.

So that's it.  Jeanne will be here next week.  Or she won't remember how to log in and she won't be here at all...it could go either way.