Much Ado about Nothing (something)

Tuesday was welcomed with the return of two employees, Katie and Mitch.  Katie spent last week in Mexico with her family and Mitch returned from Poland after six weeks with his military unit.  Although Katie is a new employee, she didn't miss a beat getting back into the routine of making pies.  It is hard to come back from vacation and re-adjust to reality of working. Mitch has been absent longer. I asked him if he remembered the recipes for the fruit mixtures and he sorta laughed.  Of course, he responded. I know you will be checking me for accuracy.  It seems that they agree with Rebecca that  I need to hover over them always checking their progress and appearances of their pie work.

Mac and Andrew were working also and Mac kept saying that I needed to go, they could take care of the shop. I knew they could, but my hovering personality wouldn't allow me to do that. I do like working at the shop compared to staying home with nothing to do. I realize that I am a work alcoholic, that's why on my vacation, I spent most of it weed-eating and mowing our lake property. I tend to think too much when my hands are idle and I travel down roads that should never be traveled.

While Rebecca is away I have been re-organizing and moving equipment around in the shop. I can move tables and  such with the help of the guys. They seen glad to humor my ideas of  "what if we did this" equipment arrangement. However, Mac did moan a little when I asked him to bring in his drill and level so we could hang some shelves.  Rebecca would be telling me to "let it go" and do it later. We ain't got time for that!

A large company out of Philadelphia called today and wanted us to join in a partnership with their local store. (which means us spending more money for this partnership opportunity). The offer does sound intriguing and I need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages for us before making a decision. When Rebecca returns we will muse over the idea and come to a decision. The marketing representative wanted to call back on Tuesday for an answer which will not be possible because it will be too soon. There are more important things to discuss with Rebecca, like looking a vacation photos, what excursions they went on, did she miss me, did I miss her, what problems did I encounter while she was gone, etc.

An incident today left me puzzled. While I ran an errand, Shelby (new employee) checked out a customer who presented her with a coupon for $2.00 off their purchase. What bothered me was is was printed on plain paper with no reference where the coupon came from. Very suspicious. The only ad we have running right now is with Marketplace. What this customer presented looked like they made this up and printed it. Two dollars isn't much, but it is when you feel you been scammed. I told Shelby not to honor any coupons unless they were from Marketplace.

Another customer came in and said Rebecca gave him half-priced pies on Tuesday. Mmmm, she didn't tell me about this. He was insistent and said he needed these pies for a meeting at 5 p.m.. Rebecca is good about telling me these things so that I am not in the dark. Today I was in the dark. I felt uneasy, wanting to honor her word but also feeling suspicious.

I finished out the day scraping the floors and sweeping. I was staying 30 minutes late for a customer who really needed a pie but couldn't get there before 6 p.m. I waited and kept myself busy telling myself that my feet really didn't hurt that much.  6 p.m came and went, no customer ever came! Mmmm, suspicious again! I drove home thinking I was glad to shut myself in and lock the world out and the only thing I was not suspicious about what the drill that Mac planned to bring in.