Game Changer.

Earlier this evening, I spent an impressive amount of time teaching Jeanne to navigate email, Wordpress, Square, the UPS website...and basically any other technology that she might next week in my absence.  I have no idea if it actually worked...let us remember that time that I tried to explain Apple Pay to her and she ardently believed that we would only use it for customer transactions involving apple pie.


There was a lot of bookmarking of sites and saving passwords and physically writing down steps on actual paper with an actual ink pen.  And in the course of it all, we had a meaningful discussion about how to cut and paste things, thus solving a MULTIPLE YEAR mystery for Jeanne.  Now that she can ctrl+c, I can't even imagine what is next for her.

And I can tease her here in this tiny corner of the Internet because I'm the first to straight up admit that when I'm making fruit pies in her absence, I call her 47 times a day for guidance.  Or maybe more like 47 times an hour.  Because she is the master and she can tell me without hesitation how to triple my dry mixture for peach praline pie, while I could talk her through posting a blog entry even if she called me in the middle of the night after I had consumed eight pina coladas (which really might happen...the drinking, not the calling...but only because I won't have cell reception).  But this is precisely why together we make the perfect person.

There is still a fair amount on the list to review with each other tomorrow, from porn hack contingency plans to simply adding our employee's phone numbers in case she needs to text one of them (including you, Gunnar).  In short, all things that should have been done months ago regardless of vacation schedules.  But because we perform the best under immense pressure, leaving it until THE VERY LAST MINUTE is a solid PJP plan.  I would expect no less from us...and you probably wouldn't either.

A year or so ago, Jeanne spent several hours with me and watched me lattice pies...intervening and teaching where I needed help.  It was a game changer as far as what my pies looked like and how quickly I could work.  So, in effect, I think that is what I did with Jeanne tonight...except instead of intricate lattice work, we talked about copying something and opening an entirely new browser window and pasting that information in as needed.  Game changer, indeed.