Big Blank Page.

This time next week, I'll be vacationing with my family...and without any cell phone access.  And the thought of seven solid days with no 4G LTE connection makes my throat close up a bit with anxiety... MF9hHCz

And all that anxiety is for no legitimate reason, really.  Jeanne is by far a better baker than I am, and significantly better at being the baking taskmaster.  If anyone finishes their work early, you can bet one million dollars that she has PLENTY of tasks to be done (no less than 300,000 of them including a SOS pad and a fair amount of determination).

But I'll worry about all the things that she won't think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter...and heaven forbid if the website comes down with another terrible case of hacker porn.  We also had some problems processing Square transactions last week (or perhaps it was just Internet problems) and I fear if it happens in my absence, she will be compelled to throw the iPad out the back door and declare PJP to be a cash only establishment.

I have encouraged her to blog at least a few times and I SO HOPE SHE DOES.  Her perspective on things can be very different than mine.  She complained earlier that she has nothing to talk about and Mac suggested a post wherein she discusses her methods for keeping the cleanest kitchen in Columbia.  Which, actually, could be sort of interesting...if you are into that sort of thing.

Short of her blogging every night next week, I also suggested the following:

  1. Sweet talk Mac into blogging for a night to share a "from the trenches" perspective about working with us every day.
  2. Sweet talk Gunnar into blogging from Virginia about how much he undoubtedly misses us.  Ahem.
  3. Sweet talk Mitch into blogging from Poland about how much he thinks PJP could clean up in Warsaw.  World Pie Domination, for sure.

So basically, I'm saying that I have no idea what you'll get here next week.  It could be interesting, or funny, or a big blank page.  But you know the second I get wi-fi, I'll be checking to see...