Jeanne and I started our morning with a quick guest appearance on KFRU's Columbia Morning with David Lile.  It was a super fun chat and it left Jeanne and I thinking how much we would enjoy hosting a radio show, wherein we would basically talk about everything and nothing.  Except that we would probably be the only two to listen on a regular basis, because everything and nothing is a lot of extremes to throw at the average person. Here are a few other things going on worth a mention...

  1. Our new Saturday hours officially start this Saturday.  I'm equal parts excited to try it out, thankful that the demand for more hours exists, and terrified of juggling more staff and more time commitment.  #keepinitreal
  2. We are so well staffed that I haven't even needed to bake every day this week.  Rather, I was able to work on some long ignored tasks like tweaking our new website that should be live very shortly (and it is totally free of hacker porn, btw).  Even though I was super productive, I felt super lazy because I wasn't baking.  Is there a psychologist reading this?  Dissect that, please.  #sometimesImakenosense
  3. And because Jeanne had the freedom today to tackle her to-do list, she and Mac moved stuff around in our 1,050 square feet like a giant jigsaw puzzle in effort to find us some additional room.  I left when I overheard her ask him to go home, pickup his drill, and come back.  #absolutelynothingwouldsurprisemetomorrow
  4. I woke up in a night terror last night, jolting straight out of bed and completely disoriented.  My nightmare?  That it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I had forgotten to order a food delivery from our food broker.  #itmaybetimeforAmbien
  5. Our new S'mores pie is so delicious that yesterday, our friends at the Starbucks offered me a venti iced vanilla coffee in trade for six samples of S'mores pie.  They even walked the coffee over.  #myworkhereisdone