One Million Jars.

So, today we made a million or so Jelly Jar pies to ship all over the United States.  Really, it was a couple hundred but by the time the very last lid went on the very last jar (it was a rhubarb, if you need to set the scene), trust me that it felt like a million AT THE VERY LEAST.  We rolled into UPS with only moments to spare before the drop off cut-off, which I'm sure makes us the worst sort of UPS customer.  #finishingjarsontimeisreallyhard In case you are curious, making a couple hundred Jelly Jar pies takes at solid 12 hours or so.  While baking them is the initial challenge, putting the lids and stickers on the jars and then boxing them with six tiny forks and a notecard is a serious endeavor, indeed.  And now that the jars are in planes and trucks (and maybe even trains) all over the United States as I type this, I find myself worrying about whether each box will arrive in the same beautiful shape as it left our really, if you include all the baking AND stickering AND worrying, this has been more like an 20 hour day.  #jarproblems

During the course of Jelly Jar production, we also had an entire storefront to stock today with baby pies and nine-inch pies.  We also had tarts due and a few 12-inch pies on order for this morning.  So basically, we made every size of pie possible today in our 1,050 square feet.  It looked like a war zone when we left it this evening.  When Jeanne suggested we leave the mess for in the morning, I actually asked her to repeat herself because she NEVER leave without a minimum thirty minutes of sweeping.  She said the worst that may happen is that someone broke in tonight and cleans it all up.  (Which actually could be the very best thing to happen, now that I think about it.)  #breakingandcleaning

Somehow, I suspicion the only person motivated to clean corn syrup off the oven doors in the morning is well, Jeanne.  And the only person motivated to track each of our Jelly Jar shipments on the UPS website to make sure every package is guaranteed for on-time delivery is well, me.  #beingtruetoourselves