9-ish Things.

It has been a super busy week so far at PJP and the next two days only promise more of the same.  Here are a few things that have gone down this week that merit a mention...

  1. Gunnar will be leaving us in a just a few short weeks for a new adventure in Virginia.  I'm not ashamed to admit that we both cried a little a bit when he broke the news.  (That crying won't even compare to the crying that will go down on his actual last day.)
  2. Mitch is leaving us soon as well for his new adventures in Colorado.  Cue more crying.
  3. Seriously, people? greek
  4. In effort to make ourselves feel a little better in the face of 1/3 of Team PJP scattering across the United States, we purchased some new shelving that can hold our two microwaves.  (That is even more lame typed out than it sounded in my head.)  The only impressive part of the story is that the shelving arrived at our front door only 21 hours after online purchase.  I also ordered some 12-inch pie tins from the same company that took five business days to arrive because they spent 31 hours in Reno.  Maybe they know something that the microwave shelves and I don't?
  5. I don't know what is involved in installing the shelving, but I can tell you now that it won't be remotely easy as Jeanne promises it will be.  It seems like a lot of work just to melt butter several feet off the tabletop on the regular.
  6. And speaking of handyman projects, I've been searching in vain for someone willing to haul a big ladder into our storefront and change the lightbulbs.  You know who doesn't answer call emails?  People with super big ladders.
  7. I give it a few more days before Jeanne tries to convince me we should buy one of those Little Giant ladders from the infomercial.  I know she's thinking it...she just isn't saying it.  Yet.
  8. Jeanne and I had the opportunity to speak at One Million Slices at Memorial Union on Tuesday evening and had the best time, as always.  Sharing our story and getting feedback from other entrepreneurial minded individuals is the best way to help us think outside PJP Buttonwood.
  9. The majority of the audience at One Million Slices were college students.  Listening to their stories and seeing their work makes us think twice about whining about our struggles.  We were pretty darn inspired.  Here are two local student-owned companies worth taking a peek at:  Over & Co and Astronobeads...
  10. And look, I don't even have a 10th thing to tell you.  But I hate to end on #9 because I'm weird that way, so...