You might wonder what Team PJP does on the day after a historic Pi(e) Day and the answer is...well, bake pies.  And because we are slightly insane (in the membrane), we even hosted an Epic Pie Tasting party tonight at PJP Buttonwood.  (Bonus points if you caught the 1993 throwback reference to Cypress Hill, yo.) A few items of note:

  1. By 11 am, it was 86 degrees inside PJP Buttonwood.  Jeanne and I both maintain a strict credo - we do not like to be hot, hungry, or tired...and Lord help you if we are all three.  By noon, Jeanne was sweaty and STABBY.  Thankfully, a quick call to our friends at Reed Heating and Cooling resulted in a repairman visit by 1:30.
  2. He spent an hour on the roof.  We spent an hour praying that he wouldn't climb down and suggest a completely new air conditioning unit for the rock bottom price of $1.2 million-ish.
  3. Like, seriously...I was trying to figure out how many days we could hold off replacing the unit and wondering if Check Into Cash places cut checks for million dollar air conditioning units.
  4. Because according to our lease, that cost is our responsibility.  Because of course.  OF COURSE.
  5. But thankfully, it turned out to just be a filter and by 4 pm, it was a chill 62 degrees inside our store.
  6. Which is good, because you know what doesn't work in 86 degrees?  Butter Pecan pie.  Unless you want to eat it with a spoon.  But no judgment if you do.
  7. By 7 pm, you practically needed a jacket to stand in our store.  Which is really just the best case scenario, at least according to Jeanne.
  8. Which is good for those who attended Epic Pie Tasting tonight because you know what doesn't pair well with 12 different kinds of pie?  Sweat.  And grouchy hosts.
  9. But it worked out perfectly and we all had a lovely time.
  10. As we always do.  Because Epic Pie Tasting is always a great time.  The winner of the night?  Blueberry Streusel.  Look for it on the shelves this week.  In the cool 62 degree air of PJP Buttonwood...