We've decided to throw in the towel on our industrial sized 60 pound bucket of corn syrup.  We fought the good fight, but we just can't win and the constant layer of sticky on everything is slowing sending us over the edge.  Here is the post on going on Craigslist's "Free" later tonight... ****

FREE to a good home: one 60 pound bucket of corn syrup, minus the one gallon we used and the extra half-gallon now stuck to most of the surfaces at Peggy Jean's Pies because there is no simple way to remove one cup of corn syrup from 60 pounds of syrup.  NO SIMPLE WAY.

If you are interested, it is likely because of one of the following:

  1. You need a small step stool and standing on a bucket that holds 60 pounds of corn syrup seems sturdy enough, plus this bucket is free and ladders are pricey.
  2. You have watched "Home Alone" a few too many times and now you plan to cover your basement stairs in corn syrup and hidden nails in case the Wet Bandits try to break into your house.
  3. You are a doomsday prepper and a bunker that includes mass quantity corn syrup ticks a lot of boxes on your list.
  4. You are developing a new funnel and you need to test it with the most viscous substance on earth before finally sending the funnel into production.
  5. You are interested in wallpapering your entire home, but don't want to spend the money on wallpaper glue.

Or maybe, all of these uses interest you.  WHATEVER, IT IS NOW YOUR SYRUP AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT.  Comes from a smoke-free, pet-free environment, free of damage...except the bucket handle is sticky and it takes a screwdriver and a fair amount of swearing to get the lid off.   On the upside, staring directly into a deep pool of undisturbed corn syrup is a bit mesmerizing.  It is like a zen garden with sticky instead of tiny rocks and a super tiny rake.

Pickup at PJP Buttonwood during regular business hours.  Because it would likely attract every fly in a three county region, we can't leave it outside of our door for you.  But we will help you roll that sucker through the parking lot and heave it into your vehicle.  And when you drive away, we will wish you a fond farewell and have high hopes for the syrup in it a new home.  We hope you spill it less and appreciate it more than we did...