Pi(e) Day

Well, you might have heard by now that today was... IMG_6047

Early this morning, I actually questioned whether anyone would show up for Pi(e) Day and considered the possibility of making hundreds of pies and selling only a few.  And not because I don't believe in the power of pie or the fun of Pi(e) Day, but only because 4 am makes me question everything (including my existence...and my unrelenting need for coffee).

But Pi(e) Day, INDEED.  Before our open at 10:30, a line started to form at our front door.  We were fairly well prepared with over 100 nine-inch pies and around 250 baby pies.  AND THEN...oh my word.  We opened the door and for the very first time not on a pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday, we had a line out the door consistently for over three hours.  And when the crowd parted a bit after 1 pm, we saw that there was nothing really left to sell.

So we made some more.  And we sold them hot off the trays.

So we made some more.  And we sold those hot off the trays too.

And in the interim, a lot of people who called and stopped by to find empty shelves and frazzled bakers.  And I'll mention here that our air conditioner was set to 69, yet our store temperature was 86 at 4 pm because of consistently running ovens.  So if you stopped by and were disappointed to not find pie, I'm terribly sorry.  And I'm almost more sorry that we both had humidity-induced frizzy hair and a sheen of sweat that may have also been a fine layer of corn syrup.  Anything is possible when you bake that many pies.

In short, it was like Thanksgiving, minus the anxiety of orders.  We just kept baking pies until the point in the afternoon where stopping and starting to clean the epic mess we had created was the only option if we wanted to be home by sundown tonight.  So that is exactly what we did.

But here is the take-away from Pi(e) Day.  FUN, FUN, FUN.  Everyone was in a great mood and loved the options and the $3.14 discount.  So, I haven't run this by Jeanne yet, but I hereby declare a PJP tradition in the making.

You, us, Pi(e) Day 2017.  It is a date.