A Few Things.

A few things for Thursday...

  1. In case you've missed my 319,528 previous mentions, Pi Day is this Monday (March 14th).  As in the mathematical Pi but in recent years, also a major day of pie celebration.  While we are normally closed on Mondays, we will be open and will be selling every pie in our store for $3.14 off the regular price.
  2. Between you and me, I'm a little concerned about the simple math involved in offering a $3.14 per-pie discount.  So don't stop by and ask for any help with 3.14159 pi.  It won't end well for either of us.
  3. And while we are talking about math struggles, determining just how much to bake for Monday isn't proving to be easy.  We only have one Pi Day Pie Day in the books to use as a reference...and it was on a Saturday, and with shortened hours.
  4. True to our nature, we've decided to guess.  Which means we could have too much pie, too little pie, or just the right amount of pie.  We are calling it the "Goldilocks and the Three Pies" theory of inventory management.  Look for the book coming soon.
  5. Figuring out how much pie to bake is one thing...figuring out how much food to order to bake them all is legitimate chore.  Anyone want to throw out a guess on how many times we go to Hy-Vee on Monday?
  6. We did discover a deal last week that offered 60 pounds of corn syrup for over 50% less cost than our current source for 30 pounds of corn syrup.  Well, I say "deal" like 60 pounds of corn syrup was on Groupon or something.  Trust me it wasn't (but that would be interesting if it were).  It was just through our paper supply company instead of our food company.
  7. You might be saying to yourself now, "You can buy corn syrup by the POUND?  From a paper supply company?".  Yep.
  8. So, the catch (because there is always a catch), is that the 60 pounds of corn syrup comes in a 60 pound bucket (while, our previous 30 pound order came in four easy to lift bottles).
  9. Have you ever tried to dip out three cups of corn syrup from a 60 pound bucket of corn syrup?  I don't recommend it.  I was so sticky and made such a mess that if Jeanne didn't have her mad cleaning skills, burning down the building might have been the only way to clean it all up.
  10. Seriously, in this picture, all of these kitchen utensils are stuck to the lid of the syrup bucket and lifted off the counter a foot by the sheer strength of corn syrup sticky.  Note also that we tried to funnel the syrup into a small container, because OF COURSE WE DID.  (Further note that funnels are not corn syrup friendly).IMG_6035

So, we will see you Monday...if not before.  And if we are sticky, well...