Early this morning, we welcomed the Art Direction & Photo Styling class from Stephens College to PJP Buttonwood.  If you recall, we've been working with this group of incredibly talented women for the past week in designing a cohesive set of branded photos that really reflect the PJP style.  And after seeing all their ideas and inspiration last week when we visited their class, we couldn't wait for this morning to see it all come together in our space. And I'm telling you, they did not disappoint.  They descended upon our storefront with plans, props, and a serious amount of preparation.  Jeanne, Gunnar, and I baked and the members of the class worked around us, staging shots and catching images of our baking process that we can't wait to share with you.  But what I think we really appreciated the most was their enthusiasm for their work today and their genuine interest in creating images reflective of all the love that goes into our pies.  This is one of my favorite images from today...members of the class were standing on milk crates, hooking up lights, sprinkling sugar, do whatever it took to frame the shot in just the right way.  And Gunnar, affable as always, was along for the ride.


It wasn't lost on either of us that today is actually International Women's Day.  And what a moment of history to be in - to be female entrepreneurs standing in a business we own, all while working with young women who are pursuing their college degrees and expressing their artistic creativity.  Cheers to all the women who came before us that it made it possible for us all to work together today without ever considering a world where such freedom didn't exist...