Pi Day Pie Day

So, March 14th is Pi Day...as in the mathematical 3.14159/ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter Pi (and yep, I totally lifted that definition straight from Wikipedia...don't you know me by now?).  But in recent years, Pi Day on March 14th has become a cultural phenomenon celebrated with...well, PIE.  Obviously.  We've titled it "PJP Pi Day Pie Day". Last year, Pi Day fell on a Saturday.  And while it was PJP's first Pi Day celebration, that it was on a Saturday gave it an inherent joie de vivre that made it JUST THAT MUCH MORE festive.  We gave away t-shirts to the first 100 customers and served up mimosas for much of the morning.  (Oh, and we started baking at 2 am and continued on steadily for the next 10 hours and still couldn't meet the demand for pie on Pi Day.  But that is a story worthy of another blog post.)

But this year...this year, Pi Day falls on a Monday.  And let's face it, there is little inherent joie de vivre in Monday.  Setting up a mimosa bar on Monday morning has 89% less appeal than on a Saturday morning (for most people, I'm down either way honestly).  Heck, PJP isn't even regularly open on Mondays.

So, we kicked around a lot of ideas of what to do that would be fun and interesting and worthy of a Pi Day Pie Day celebration.  Among the ideas discussed:  opening at 3:14 am (take a guess who came up with that one), selling pie for whatever time it is on the clock when the customer purchases it, and driving a borrowed food truck around town and selling pies right out of it.

And in the end, I successfully argued that no one would buy pie at 3:14 am on a Monday and then reminded Jeanne that we don't actually know anyone with a food truck who would hand over the keys (and also that the city probably charges $27,562 in temporary permit fees for the privilege of selling pies out of a truck that we don't own).

Here is what it comes down to...we are going to open on Monday, March 14th for regular weekly hours (10:30 to 5:30) and we are just going to sell every single pie in PJP for $3.14 off the regular purchase price.  Whether you choose a 9-inch or a baby or a Chocolate Bourbon or a Coconut, $3.14 off each pie.  All day.  It is so simple, it almost makes me question us.

Oh, and last year, we baked a golden ticket into a single baby pie and single 9-Inch pie.  The finders of those golden tickets received a free pie in the corresponding size each month for a year.  Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, minus the grandparents who never get out of bed.  Or just think about the chance to win free pie.

So that's the scoop...two weeks from today.  Mark your calendars.  And feel free to bring me a mimosa...