Hotline Bling.

Jeanne has fallen victim to the late winter cough and cold that seems to be going around.  Because a baker with a hacking cough is 100% not charming, she took a sick day today and left me at the helm of the PJP ship.  Her absence reminded me that...

  1. Dishwashing isn't my jam.
  2. But the Billboard Top 100 from the 1980s is (and it makes a great baking playlist for when Jeanne isn't there to fuss about it).  If loving Toto's Africa is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
  3. I left the front trash can HEAVING with detritus of a busy baking day because I'm not strong enough or tall enough to pull the full trash bag out of the can alone.  Or haul it to the dumpster.  We usually do this task together (or beg Gunnar to do it).
  4. Nothing says co-dependence like joint trash bag removal, you know?
  5. I experienced pecan pie woes this morning.  It happens - you can make the same pie every single day and have beautiful results and then one day, you just have pie failure...even though the recipe hasn't changed.  (I feel like this is the pie reminding us who is really in charge.)  I missed her expertise, because she is WINNING at sorting out pie disasters.
  6. Now that I think about it, she should start a pie hotline.  People in the midst of pie baking disasters around the country could call her for advice, much like the Butterball hotline on Thanksgiving.
  7. If someone recorded her answering these calls and put it online, I would probably watch it.  Even though I live it everyday.  I bet it would be just that entertaining.
  8. I would have called her for help, but she would cut me if she knew I ruined three nine-inch pecan pies.
  9. Let's hope she doesn't read this blog post.
  10. Now I have Drake's Hotline Bling stuck in my head.  Don't click the link unless you want sub par lyrics running through your mind.