Drinking Coffee and Drinking Spinach.

Almost every morning, Jeanne and I meet at PJP and immediately go and get our coffee at Starbucks.  And while we've both had coffee at home earlier, the getting the coffee from Starbucks is more honored as a morning ritual than an actual need.  (Though, it should be noted here that I've usually had a single CUP of coffee at home at this point, while Jeanne has had a single POT of coffee at this point...apparently getting up at 3 am for no reason has its perks.  Pun totally intended.) Each morning, we spend $8.21 for the opportunity to hold coffee in our hands and sit in my car and talk about our day ahead.  It seems sort of silly, I know...but it is OUR THING.  It is like a morning meeting with no agenda and no end goal (which is precisely how we both like things.)  Except most of those mornings, we talk about a list of things we want...new display units, custom printed boxes, stores in more locations, world pie domination...and none of those things are an easy feat.  And as we look at 2016, we feel like we need to totally flip the script to make some big things happen.  Which is the back story to why we didn't have our morning coffee today (and why I'll believe until the day I die that drinking spinach is sketchy).

So, basic math (according to my iPhone calculator)...$8.21 a day for six days a week is $49.26 a week and $197.04 a month, resulting in $2,364.48 A YEAR ON COFFEE.  $2,364.48 a year to justify sitting down and talking to each other for 15 minutes a morning.  If I took a deep breath and you gave me 30 seconds, I could list off 24 things we would like to have at PJP that cost less than $2,364.48 a year.  So this morning, we took the $8.21 we would have spent on coffee and put it in an envelope and hid it away.  And then Jeanne made us a smoothie that had spinach, bananas, strawberries, and oranges in it and it was NOTHING LIKE AN ICED VANILLA COFFEE.  But we still took the time to sit and talk about our day.  And how counterintuitive it is to drink green liquid.  We plan to do the same tomorrow and the next day, perhaps minus the spinach.  Please minus the spinach, actually.

Does this mean we have given up the morning coffee?  No way, sister.  We will still go once a week or so, but we sort of like the idea of completely flipping our universe upside down in order to see if we can make some really interesting things happen as a result to changing how we approach our day and our mindset about money and big goals for the coming months.  You never know, right?

PS...Please note, by 4 pm, I would have crawled on my hands and knees through the drive thru for a venti coffee because one cup at home does not a venti make.

PPS...No, don't even think about suggesting I add kale to the smoothie recipe.

PPPS...Yep, I know leafy greens are great for us.  And I agree...just not in liquid format.

PPPPS...I would seriously drink a venti iced coffee right now and it is 9:56 pm.  The struggle is real.