For Baking Professionals.

Earlier today, Jeanne and I received formal invitations to attend the International Baking Industry Exposition this fall in Las Vegas.  And lest you think there is something special about us, just know that around 20,000 other "baking professionals" from around the world received their invitations today as well.  But the mass mailing list did have our names correctly spelled, which was a thoughtful touch, in my humble opinion. Held every three years, this event promises to be the biggest exposition show in the world for baking professionals.  And it appears that a baking professional is loosely defined by the exposition organizers as those involved with the "grain-based food industry."  And whatever, because LAS VEGAS.  True to our differing personalities, I immediately started to analyze the hotel options and price airline tickets while Jeanne rolled her eyes and declared her general lack of interest for traveling to Vegas for a long weekend.  Sounds about right.

I've never been to the Las Vegas Convention Center, but according to the exposition website, it provides 700,000 square feet of space to learn about the latest baking technology and the opportunity to meet over 800 "leading manufacturers and suppliers of goods."  Huh.  And they didn't even mention the available nightlife, the pools, the cocktails, and the spa treatments.  BUT WE ARE ALL TOTALLY THINKING IT, International Baking Industry Exposition planners.  That's totally why you didn't pick 700,000 square feet in Cleveland.

700,000 square feet of exposition space be damned, we would still have to figure out how to leave PJP Buttonwood for a few days.  And how to convince Jeanne to get on a plane and fly a thousand miles to a city that never sleeps and offers no in-room Roku services.  And once there, how to meet 800 leading manufacturers and suppliers of goods without wanting ALL THE THINGS.  I could totally see how we would leave Sunday night with a signed agreement to build a production line for Jelly Jar pies and a promise to consider baking artisanal breads because we met someone super fun who sells artisanal bread mixes.

But it does sound intriguing, doesn't it?