Just A Little...

I spent the better part of this morning hovering around PJP Buttonwood while waiting for a delivery truck that never arrived.  Don't be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle, yo.  Here is what I did while I waited on a knock on the back door that never came:

  1. I attempted to order replacement beaters for our KitchenAide mixers.  We are demanding of our mixers and the beaters are starting to revolt.  Except ordering replacement parts for a commercial mixer is akin to ordering a replacement part for the space shuttle.  I'm considering just tweeting a picture of the beaters to @kitchenaide and simply saying "you tell us...#pleasedon'tmakeitsohard".
  2. Not to be deterred, I spent some time pricing the tiny fork market.  You would be surprised how much the price of those suckers fluctuates.  I feel like tiny forks could be offered on the commodities trading floor, along with grains and livestock.
  3. Places that sell tiny forks sell all sorts of other interesting items, which led me to look at Kraft shopping bags with our logo branded right on them.  Can you imagine??  It would be rather movin'-on-up-like-George-and-Wheezy of us, right?  Except those bags are .99 cents a bag (compared to the .20-ish cents we currently pay), so I guess we won't be living on the east side in a deluxe apartment in the sky after all.
  4. And then I looked at Pinterest for 35 minutes because I'm only human.
  5. While doing all of this, I listened to a YouTube video on using Periscope.  In short, Periscope is an app that allows you to live stream content to other Periscope users.  My original thought was to live stream some short instructional pie baking demonstrations to anyone interested in watching.  Jeanne surprised me with her enthusiasm for the idea...until I realized she was talking about a submarine periscope and I was talking about the Periscope app.  Just a little different.