Pros and Cons.

Today is National Drink Wine Day, which really makes it no different from any other day for Team PJP.  Though, it does make me wonder who actually declares these sort of days to be A THING.  I'm not generally one for organized meetings, but I suppose I could take one for the team if I were asked to be a part of a group that just assigned days of celebration to various food and drink.  And obviously, I would declare a National PJP Day.  And then that would make us famous enough to build a world headquarters on a road I plan to aptly name "PJP Way". But in all seriousness, Jeanne and I have discussed getting a liquor license for PJP for some time now.  We've worked on the application a bit, but have never actually signed it and had it notarized.  Despite discussing the pros and the cons of a sanctioned PJP happy hour, we can't seem to settle on a final decision...which lead us asking everyone today from our banker to a random customer for their thoughts on the subject.  In short, here is our thought process.

The Pros:

  1. Well, we like wine.  And cocktails.
  2. And we bake with a lot of booze, so a wholesale account would be nice.
  3. We host a lot of events and people often ask if we have wine, beer, or cocktails available for purchase.
  4. The bottles would be pretty in our store.
  5. Pie and booze offers one-stop shopping on a Friday afternoon, right?

The Cons:

  1. Well, we like wine.  And cocktails.
  2. Thus, I suspect we would drink a lot of what we purchase to sell, increasing our overall costs.
  3. We aren't qualified to curate a decent wine entire shelf of Barefoot Muscato is underwhelming.
  4. It might be odd to have a pie section and a liquor section?
  5. While I enjoyed Tom Cruise in 1988's Cocktail, I have no bartending skills for our events. I don't know how to make a chocolate martini and that is probably for the best.

And so, you can quickly see how making a decision about whether it is a good fit for PJP becomes more difficult than you might think at first glance.  Additionally, the filing fees, annual licensing costs, and increased insurance costs make it a pricey venture, which makes us hesitate in making our final decision.

So, in the meantime, we will drink wine...