At A Glance...

Earlier this week, Square sent me a report called "Your Year At A Glance".  Today I was able to finally look through it and I have to say, it has everything I wanted to know about PJP 2015.  It was all of the data I needed, but none of the swearing at Excel.  (I'll always be a smitten kitten for Square for this very reason.) While some of the data wasn't particularly surprising, some of it was completely unexpected.  Our number one selling pie of the year was Dutch Apple...we sold over 16,000 Dutch Apple pies in 2015.


And while that number is far more than I ever anticipated, I marvel to think that it reflects only the transactions from Square...not the Dutch Apple pies donated, gifted, or not put out for sale for some reason.

And while we are discussing impressive numbers, Square processed well over 10,000 transactions for us last year. Our best month of sales was November (not surprising).  In fact, our best day of sales last year was on Wednesday, November 25th...the day before Thanksgiving (again, not terribly surprising).  Our slowest month of sales was January (thereby supporting my opinion that January is just the WORST.)

Looking at the data a bit more closely, Friday averaged our best day of the week for sales.  And on Fridays, sales were the highest between 12pm and 1pm....followed only by sales between 11am and noon.  (That actually surprises me.  But it serves as a constant reminder that the relentless days of 3 am start times were worth it if it meant we were ready to go at our 10:30 open.)

Surprisingly enough, Square even identifies our top customer.  Now, a few be considered in this category, a person must enter their text or email address into Square when completing the transaction (and likely 50% of our customers do not).  Also, Square can't capture data if someone pays in cash.  So it may not be a completely accurate representation of the person with the most visits over the course of the year, but is still pretty cool information nonetheless.

We've decided to gift our top customer with a handsome reward for his/her loyalty.  What do you give the person who Square says stopped by the most to see you over the course of the  year?  Good question.  But we are thinking about it.  And sending this person an email shortly to let them know they are a Major Award Winner.

And the irony is that because I know this person upon sight, I know they weren't responsible for a single purchase of the 16,000 plus Dutch Apple pies because they have another favorite.  Which makes me think I should look up their favorite pie for a sales total on that one...