Together, We're Perfect...

I would suppose, in order to write an interesting blog post for you, that something interesting would have actually needed to happen today at PJP.  And I'm sorry to say that on this exceptionally rainy first Thursday of the year, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENED AT PJP. I would suppose though that what is perhaps interesting is how Jeanne and I choose to handle slower days.

Me, at 12 pm:  We are so slow.  I think I'm breaking into hives.

Jeanne, at 12:02 pm:  Let's drive around to flea markets and look for old rolling pins to decorate the front windows!  And then we could go to Goodwill and buy random supplies to make a window display.  And some big sheets of paper and draw a winter scene.  And gather up sticks and glue those sticks to the paper.  And...(I stopped listening by this point.  At the drawing part, actually.)

Me, at 12:03 pm...


Me, at 12:04 pm:  Let's work on listing the Jelly Jar pies for sale on Amazon.

Jeanne, at 12:05 pm...


And a year ago, one of us would have won out and the other one would have reluctantly spent the afternoon either a) looking at FDA regulations, or b) buying glue sticks.  But because we've grown up a bit in the last year, I went home with my computer and she went to Goodwill.  (And she called me at least four times while shopping to report on her findings until I said "STOP CALLING ME TO TELL ME YOU'VE NEVER SEEN GOODWILL SO STOCKED" (shouting included).

We always say that together, we make the perfect person.