Notes From Our First Day of Business, 2016:

  1. Setting an alarm after ten days of not setting an alarm is BRUTAL.  You know who likes to get up while it is still dark?  Jeanne.  And basically no one else that I know.
  2. Making the baking schedule and firing up the ovens made PJP Buttonwood feel a little less lonely than when we first arrived early this morning.  I can't say for sure, but I think she missed us.
  3. Ok, fine.  We missed her more.  She's pretty awesome, that PJP Buttonwood.
  4. I did sorely miss my pre-8 am Starbucks over our break.  And I missed having coffee with Jeanne each morning because we usually talk about everything and nothing...and most things in between.
  5. Although, giving Jeanne Netflix on her television has opened an entire new world for her.  She wanted to talk to me about Django Unchained and her feelings about Quentin Tarantino, all before 9 am.
  6. Gunnar showed up for work today as an engaged person.  He asked his sweet girlfriend Lauren to be his fiancé on New Year's Day and we couldn't be more excited for them.
  7. All of my fears that only five people or less would stop by to purchase pie today were completely unfounded.  Thankfully.
  8. In fact, our Epic Pie Tasting Event for January 28th sold out in less than a few hours...which is an honor.  Thanks to all who called or stopped by to purchase tickets.
  9. Which means we will plan a date in February for Epic Pie Tasting, Take 2.
  10. When our mailman stopped by, I expected that he would need a cart to wheel in everything from the past 10 days...90% of which would be bills.  But he just showed up with a magazine and the gas bill.  Holla.

All in all, a successful day, no?