Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd...here we are in 2016.  Which actually feels improbable given that it was only yesterday when I was hyped up for my weekly viewing of Who's The Boss and having long conversations with my bestie via the landline attached to the wall in the kitchen.  (And that landline didn't even have call waiting, in case you were wondering.) And yet, here we are on the first Monday of a new year (insert inspirational poster from Pinterest here).  We've enjoyed a ten-day break from PJP (ten days!) and lest you think we were off doing anything magical, please know that most of it was just wearing yoga pants, sleeping until mid-morning, and eating a variety of cheese-based dips.  Which I'm completely sure is how Oprah spends her downtime.  (Except she probably has an artisan cheesemaker on staff.  I would actually be disappointed if she didn't.)

Oprah cheese

Joking aside, absence always makes the heart fonder and I think we are a bit ready to roll into PJP Buttonwood tomorrow morning with some renewed focus and revived energy.  We did break away from Netflix long enough to spend a long afternoon last week discussing some Super Big Goals for the year.  We also had a hearty conversation about things we felt caused us to struggle and brainstormed some ideas to help us in those areas.  We took some notes and assigned some tasks between us LIKE SOME LEGIT PROFESSIONALS.  And whether it all sticks or not remains to be seen, but I feel that we regrouped to our goal of World Pie Domination and I know our fervor to make it happen won't change as this year progresses.  (For a hot second today, I was going to tote my Ninja blender to the shop so that I could make us fresh smoothies each morning from kale and cucumbers and whatnot.  But then I realized that it would be all well and good until Thursday, wherein we would both just want coffee and by Saturday I'd be trashing a pound of wilting kale and soft cucumbers, so I just scrapped the whole idea.  Wisdom, people.)

So, tomorrow then.  No smoothies.  Lots of coffee.  And the first pies of the year.