For You.

If you've been a reader here for long, you know that New Year's Eve simply slays me.  Cue up Auld Lang Syne and tears spring to my eyes because the marked passing of time hits me right in my melancholy heart.  Even if you give me a party hat.  Or a sparkler.  Or a champagne fountain.  It doesn't change that another year is gone, right?  (Well, the champagne fountain might help.  It might help MARKEDLY, actually.) But I couldn't let the last few hours of this very epic first calendar year of business pass by without at least thanking each of you.  I mean, really...THANK YOU.  You've become our friends and wanted the best for us.  On more than several occasions, you've taught us to be better people by showing us grace and kindness that I'm not sure either of us had before you came along.  I think about so many things differently at the end of this year because of so many of you and I'm not sure a person could ever receive a more wonderful gift than that, are you?  My takeaway from the end of this first calendar year is that the world is full of so many kind and thoughtful and vastly interesting people and befriending them really is the gift that keeps on giving.

So maybe you stopped by and bought pie.  Or maybe you mentioned us to someone who didn't know there was a local pie store.  Or maybe you mailed Jelly Jar pies to a friend.  Or maybe you took pies to work or to a friend.  Or maybe you volunteered with us.  Or maybe you just stopped by to see how we were.  Or maybe you hosted a baking party.  Or maybe you attended a PJP event.  Or maybe you followed us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.  Or maybe you live far away but you check in on us via the blog every night.  Maybe you simply stopped and sent us some good vibes when you knew we might need them the most.

Whatever it was, please know it never escaped us.  We noticed it all and felt all the positive energy and it pushed us through when we weren't sure what else would.  THANK YOU.  Thank you times 80 million.  There aren't even words for our gratitude, but we would never want to stay silent about it.  So imagine us on the rooftops with a champagne toast to you.

Happy New Year.


Team PJP