Badge of Honor

Look, Jeanne and I have carried around Thanksgiving 2015 like a veritable BADGE OF HONOR.  For the past ten months, it has been our go-to story for anyone who would listen.  It was our measuring stick, as in "oh, well, that is a lot of pies, but it can't be as many pies as it won't be that bad."  When we felt a bit down, we would soothe each other and say, "hey, we've done 1700 pies in one day and that is pretty badass, so we should really stop our pity party/self-esteem crisis/insert whatever here." And it worked so well...UNTIL JELLY JARS 2K15.  You know what?  2,760 jelly jar pies is um, A TON OF PIE.  And yeah, it sounds like a lot, but until you are drinking a Jack Daniels DownHome Punch at 3:45 in the morning while rolling jars and feeling righteously indignant that Adele hasn't released a new album since 2011, YOU JUST DON'T REALIZE HOW MANY JARS IT IS.  Or how long it will take.  And the next thing you know, you haven't slept in two days and you think a Mountain Dew Kickstart is a good choice (hint:  it almost never is).

As of this post, we are about 1,852 jars in (but who is counting).  The remainder will be picked up tomorrow and Wednesday.  You'll know when we are done because I'm going to invest in a glitter cannon and a champagne fountain to mark the occasion.  That said, Thanksgiving this year is really going to have to outdo itself to compete.  Do we know if Adele will have a new album out by then?

PS...Send all your good vibes our way, please.

PPS...You all are the best.