In case you haven't heard, a single customer recently ordered 2,760 jelly jar pies (that is 460 six-packs, for you math types).  I might have mentioned it once or twice.  Or 413 times.  We've only been thinking about it just a little bit... overthinking-gif

With the exception of Thanksgiving, baking and boxing 2,760 jelly jar pies will be our biggest undertaking at PJP Buttonwood since opening our doors (and we are BEYOND thankful for the opportunity).  And we all remember how Thanksgiving went down, right?  SO. MUCH. CRYING.  I'm thinking about 2,760 jars, 2,760 forks, 2,760 stickers, 2,760 Pie is Home cards, and 460 boxes.  I'm also wondering how to make this a seamless transaction that doesn't require 2 am trips to McDonald's for diet coke or a panicked supermarket sweep through the greater mid-Missouri area for every last four-ounce Ball canning jar available for sale.

In retrospect, thinking about Thanksgiving last year, I really did see an idyllic PJP Buttonwood in my mind.  Picture soft lighting, holiday music playing overhead, tables full of finished pies and Jeanne and I in full hair and makeup, ringing up the purchases.  STOP LAUGHING.  That is nowhere near the hell that it was and most of that was because we had no idea what we were doing or how to accommodate so many customers.  So for this jelly jar project, we have a plan of attack.  I have more jars, boxes, and stickers than we need.  I have food trucks for tomorrow and Monday.  We've discussed the daily baking schedule and how to handle last-minute issues. I don't even know who we are anymore, actually.

And all of this is to say that we are ready for you, 2,760 jars.  And Thanksgiving?  Be scared of us...because all this emotional growth makes me think our goal should be 1701 pies for Thanksgiving 2k15.