It Takes A Village...

As I write this, the remaining 360 jars of our 2,760 jar order are cooling themselves down in six-pack shipping boxes on the front bench at PJP Buttonwood.  AND THE PEOPLE SAID AMEN.  That collective gasp you just heard was the Internet (and me) sighing with relief that Jelly Jar Extravaganza 2k15 is in the record books. If you are anything like me, you were probably wondering just how the hell we planned to power through 546 jars due at 10:30 am this morning and another 360 jars due very early tomorrow.  And the short answer is that I'm still not sure how we pulled it off.  And the long answer is to say that it really does take a village to run a pie shop (which I'm sure was Hillary Clinton's working book title in 1996).  In no particular order, here are accolades to a few for seeing us through the past five days:

  1. Mitch and Gunnar:  you hung with us for just about every jar.   Mitch, your ability to quote Austin Powers should be publicly commended.  Gunnar...I still don't get how you don't like Bon Jovi.  Really?  Half-way there?  Livin' on a prayer?  Nothing, really?
  2. Mitch's girlfriend, Lindsey:  you came in at 4:30 am to tie forks with ribbon because you felt bad for us.  YEAH.  And then you went to class all day.  And we love you forever and ever.
  3. Our families...specifically Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and our kids:  I'm aware that I've been home for 12 minutes in four days.  Tomorrow, I swear you will all have clean laundry.
  4. To my Inner Circle, thanks for checking on me.  And for responding "YES, YOU CAN" when I texted that I couldn't do another jar.
  5. To everyone that sent good vibes our way...I actually checked Facebook comments on last night's blog when we hit a low point this afternoon.  Knowing that so many of you believe in us helped like you'll never know.

So, on my final post about Jelly Jar Extravaganza 2k15...were our past few days terribly difficult?  YEP.  Do we regret tying tiny forks with ribbon?  YEP.  Would we do it all again?  ABSOLUTELY.  World pie jar at a time.