Our 1,000 hot-off-the presses, custom-designed-just-for-us jelly jar shipping boxes arrived at PJP Buttonwood this afternoon.  And if you've been following our adventures for a while now, you might remember that about a year ago, our initial shipment of boxes arrived via semi-truck and it was A VERY BIG DEAL TO US.  So much so, that we climbed into the cab of the truck and snapped a selfie.  And then we marked "climb into cab of semi-truck" off our bucket lists.   (Ok, so I think I blew the horn as well...because how could I not?)photo-95  

We were both ready for a repeat performance upon arrival and when we heard the telltale banging on our backdoor, Jeanne threw open the door and almost ran immediately into a...

Cargo van?


You know what is anticlimactic?  A cargo van full of 1,000 shipping boxes.  And a driver looking at us expectantly to unload all the boxes out of his van.  He didn't even offer us a cargo van selfie before he sped away to his next destination.

In other PJP alley news (I can't believe I have two pieces of alley related information, actually), someone (some person? some company?) stenciled business names on each dumpster in our alley.


I presume this is to limit the territorial dumpster battles we all wage each and every day.  Except the culprits to the overflowing dumpsters is usually random cars that drive through late at night and dump anything and everything into whatever is the emptiest.  (As I type this now, there is a dorm fridge and a window air-conditioner sitting next to our dumpster.  Nothing says "college town" like abandoned small appliances in late August.)

We have noticed that since the addition of "PIES", someone responsible for trash at Buffalo Wild Wings has gotten confused that perhaps pies=boneless wings trash.  Each morning our dumpster is loaded with clear trash bags of B-Dub's paper trays and wet naps.  True to our personalities, Jeanne suggested she just march on over and remind the Buffalo Wild Wings staff that a dumpster labeled "PIES" is in fact for Peggy Jean's Pies.  While my more non-confrontational side suggested we buy neon yellow duct tape and make arrows pointing towards the "PIES" stencil.

Maybe we should have asked the cargo van guy for his vote on what to do...