Newest Arrivals

If you follow us on social media, then you've already seen both of the newest arrivals to PJP.  And if you didn't, well, here you go... FullSizeRender-60


On the left, I present Gunnar.  Today was his first day working with us and after only a few hours in, he was totally drinking the PJP Kool-aid (I hope).  I fully expect that one day, he will be the Executive Director of Something Interesting at PJP Worldwide.  (Today though, he rolled a lot of jelly jar pies.  Let's hope he decides to come back tomorrow.)

In the above picture, Gunnar is holding a massive print of our new #WorldPieDomination logo.  Designed this spring by one of our favorite girls, Gillian Tracy, we are basically in love.  Journalists ask us a lot about #WorldPieDomination and what it means to us and well...Gillian was able to put all of our thoughts and feelings into one stunningly beautiful graphic.  (In another version, she includes the phrase "Join the Movement", which is basically swoon-worthy in my book.)

So, we decided that if we love it so much, shouldn't it be a major part of PJP Buttonwood?  We had it printed in a 36 x 59 size.  Because of course we did.  And we have plans to hang it on the north wall over the pie display case (once it is properly matted and framed, of course).

And after I posted the image to Facebook and Instagram, quite a few people commented with requests for t-shirts, posters, actual spinning WPD globes, and more.  Yes, please.  If there is anything I love, it is shopping online for items that aren't baby pie boxes and tiny forks in mass quantity.  So hold on, shirts and goodness knows what else...coming to PJP soon.