Chocolate Bourbon Pecan...

For the past six months or so, we've been working with our good friends, Lindsey Tyler and Lee Morehouse (we affectionately call them "Video Lindsey" and "Video Lee").  Lindsey and Lee approached us last spring with some ideas to incorporate video into PJP and we were immediately onboard. Not long ago, Lindsey and Lee hung out in our kitchen and we talked a lot about our number one selling pie - Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.  They watched us make it.  We talked about how Jeanne developed the recipe and how the different flavors blend together in just the right ways. We talked about chocolate chips.  And bourbon.  And pecans.

And then finally Video Lindsey and Video Lee spent an afternoon at PJP Buttonwood and filmed us making Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.  Our goal was a very short video available on our website and social media sites that gives a little preview into our number one selling pie.  But we just didn't know how amazing Lindsey and Lee would make it.

We are OVER THE MOON with our Chocolate Bourbon Pecan video.  Aren't you?

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie from Lee Morehouse on Vimeo.