480-ish Days.

Today marks 16 months since opening our doors at PJP Buttonwood.  And my initial thought when realizing the milestone is "huh, I thought we would know more by now...".  That said, here are some end-of-our-second-summer musings:

  1. This summer was easier than our first summer.  I'm oddly reassured by this.  Does this mean our second Thanksgiving will be easier than our first?
  2. I installed an app - Perch - on my phone that notifies me when "similar" businesses post to social media.  And after a few days, I deleted it.  All it made me feel was angst at our shortcomings and regret at our quirkiness.  OH MY WORD...no thanks.
  3. And then Facebook added a new feature that fills your feed with "A BUSINESS SIMILAR TO YOURS HAS A POST THAT IS GETTING A LOT OF ATTENTION."  And then you can click to read the post.  Which I do EVERY DAMN TIME.  I don't know what your goal is here, Mark Zuckerberg, but you are really just making me want to hide on the couch with a blanket while watching House Hunters:  Where Are They Now? and contemplate our low self-esteem.  It could be just me though.
  4. I said "no" to a vendor last week.  The idea pitched - an electronic loyalty program - sounded interesting, but it actually only did most of what Square already does for us.  And so when the vendor called a second time to see what I decided, I just said no.  I didn't even tell him to call me later in order to give him false hope.  Let's see...learning to say no to stuff I don't want or need only took about 15 months, three weeks, and four days, BUT I FINALLY DID IT.  There is hope for us all, indeed.
  5. We've had a couple of occasions lately where our ovens are completely full and it isn't any sort of national holiday.  You can make all the line charts of growth you want, but oven capacity is the best judge.
  6. We've officially cycled through 1,000 jelly jar pie shipping boxes and I just ordered another 1,000.  Don't think we won't climb in the cab of that semi an 18-wheeler selfie again...because we totally will.
  7. I would estimate that our "full-scale freak out panics" have decreased by a third over the past 16 months, at least.  Maybe in another 16 months, we will decrease that number by another third...but we have to stop there because who are we if we aren't capable of a freak out?
  8. #WorldPieDomination still sounds like the best idea ever to us.  We aren't even tired of saying it.
  9. #WorldPieDomination.  See?
  10. We love you guys, really.  Thanks for seeing us through the first 16 months.