Wagon Train. And Bonanza.

So, Jeanne has been on vacation this week...(if you are willing to loosely define "vacation" as mowing and then binge watching Wagon Train and Bonanza).  And this may surprise you a bit, but I MISS HER.  Also, I'm worn out when I get home, because it is super hard to be the solo captain of PJP... funny-gifs-another-day-is-over

Due to dough shortage emergencies and overpacked baking schedules, I feel like I haven't had the proper time to tell Jeanne all the miscellaneous whatnot that she will find interesting.  So here you go, Jeanne...a mid-week list:

  1. The bird nests outside our door have been removed.  That said, I still needed to vacuum away the straw and feathers like every other morning this year, so no, I don't understand it either.
  2. Someone left a king size mattress next to our dumpster.  Trust me when I tell you it looks and smells terrible.  When trash pickup came this morning, they ignored it because it wasn't in the dumpster and we've all taken bets on how long before someone finally hauls it off.  I've already claimed August 12th.  I put you down for the 18th.
  3. I tried the new cold press coffee at Starbucks.  I could hear the blood rushing through the veins in my head due to excessive caffeine.  You probably won't be fazed at all...even after a venti.
  4. DeeJay Mac has been in charge of our baking tunes.  You would be have a fit because this morning, we listened to a solid hour of 'NSYNC and solo Justin Timberlake.  We joked that you would have threatened to shoot the computer 15 minutes in.
  5. You are clearly the only one that enjoys scrubbing the baking trays with an SOS pad for relaxation.  So we are saving them all for you.  Please consider coming back a day early.