Some Thoughts.

In effort to allow Jeanne to fully enjoy her TVLand Gunsmoke marathon today, I tried to call her less than normal.  It wasn't easy and I didn't enjoy it, but I felt she deserved uninterrupted time with Marshal Matt Dillon.  Sometimes I think about explaining how to DVR all of the episodes of Gunsmoke so that she can watch them commercial free, but I don't think she could handle that level of James Arness access.  Say that three times fast. Today certainly wasn't the norm for PJP.  I had three people working this morning, meaning that we finished the baking schedule by 11:30.  By noon, I sent everyone home and settled into a long afternoon as solo pilot of PJP Buttonwood.  Even a few short months ago, I would have lingered in my doubt about what to do all afternoon if Jeanne wasn't there to direct.  But now, I've matured enough to be JUST FINE...and super productive.  Let's all give a cheer for emotional growth.

Here is a list of unrelated items that you might find mildly interesting about PJP life lately...

  1. The long-awaited logo stamp arrived last Friday.  It is lackluster in box stamping abilities.  It is top-notch for temporary tattoo abilities.IMG_4532
  2. Buying regular 30 gallon trash bags does not mean buying 30 gallon CONTRACTOR trash bags.  Hefty should really be more clear in their packaging.  Or Jeanne should always be here to buy the trash bags.
  3. Jeanne has been telling me for months that we couldn't wash the bowl to our commercial mixer in our marginal dishwasher.  But today, I did and IT WORKED OUT (marginally) PERFECT.  Jeanne, I'm on to your game of convincing us to hand wash all dishes.
  4. The new Jason Isbell album is available on Spotify.  Go listen now.  You won't be sorry.
  5. Speaking of excellent music, PJP is taking pies on the road to the Roots N Blues festival in late September.  We are completely daunted by the prospect, but we've decided we will worry about the logistics right before the event so we can fully freak out on each other...that ensures our best performance.
  6. I scraped the floor today of dried dough.  It is Jeanne's favorite PJP task and after doing it today, I just have to say...I have no idea why she likes it.
  7. Our $27 cheaper per case pie pans are a $27 disappointment.
  8. Our electric bill went up $220 in one month.  Until further notice, we will be buying the cheaper tins and baking in the least amount of clothes the health department allows.
  9. Today someone asked me for a bag, a fork, and a napkin....and we actually had all three.  And the pie was in the appropriate sized box.  Just noting it for when it doesn't happen and I feel like a failure.  Probably next week.
  10. Oh, and I super ready for Jeanne to come back.