I think we will all agree that the new Starbucks was built on a mere postage stamp size of land.  I wouldn't venture a guess at how many square feet is on the Starbucks footprint, but I'm certain that it isn't enough to accommodate the carloads of people now thrilled to order coffee without ever leaving their cars.  And the traffic snarl among Sonic customers is hardly a shock, considering the two buildings are mere feet from each other. But shortly after the Starbucks opening, we noticed that our parking lot had significantly less amount of available parking.  And it only took a few minutes of observation to learn that 75% of our parking lot was now consumed with Starbucks and Sonic employees parking their cars for their various shifts.

It wasn't more than a few days before a few of our neighbors became highly disgruntled at this parking lot turn of events (which is actually a refreshing turn of events, since we are usually leading the charge to Righteous Indignation).  And the next thing you know...we received a MEMO from Silent Stan and group.  And nothing good ever comes from a hand-delivered memo, you know?

Effective immediately, absolutely no one that works at Starbucks, Sonic, or any of the businesses at 3601 Buttonwood are allowed to park in our parking lot.  Self included.



I would suggest here that parking issues are probably something that Silent Stan and Starbucks should have considered before deciding to build on the smallest available plot of land in the 65203 zip code.  And this may sound self-centered and a bit like a first-world problem, but I'm not interested in parking by the animal hospital or at the Bank of Missouri.  And here's why:

  1. We arrive early and stay late.  I have zero interest in walking to or from my car in the dark by myself further than absolutely necessary.
  2. Especially while carrying a bank deposit.
  3. We are usually carrying at least load of groceries.  Apparently we are allowed to park briefly to unload items and then move our cars, but you know what?  I don't want to do that.  And that is just the honest truth.
  4. I spent a number of years working at various places that required parking passes and hikes to offices while wearing heels.  Playing Frogger while crossing Buttonwood as the owner of my very own business isn't on my bucket list.
  5. Violators will apparently be ticketed by some unknown private source with an orange "VIOLATION" sticker on their car.  I have not seen additional information on this, but I am expecting a $64,291.42 charge to the tenants as a "necessary common charge" in next year's billing.  It should cost roughly the same as the charges for the nonexistent sweeping, right?