Me. And Seymour.

Last week, I made brief mention of a PJP story in the August issue of Success magazine.  Here's the backstory... Several months ago, I was contacted by a writer for Success and we had an absolutely delightful conversation about Kickstarter, crowdsourced funding in general, and about maintaining sanity while trying to raise $10,000 in 30 days.  I was completely ready be lifelong friends with this person...except I never heard from her again.  And then I worried that only one of us thought the conversation was delightful (hint:  I worried that person was me.)  And then I eventually stopped thinking about it because as we all know, if Success magazine wants to interview someone about being, well, successful, they could probably pick someone who doesn't run out of baby pie boxes on the regular, right?

So when a customer brought in a clipping of the article featuring PJP in the August issue, I was surprised.  Because I lack any national publication experience, I thought maybe if I were in the magazine, the editors would send me a copy via FedEx.  With a balloon bouquet attached to the package.  And glitter would fall out of the envelope when I opened it.  Because that makes total sense and falls in line with how most things process in my head.  But whatever.

So it wasn't until late in the week before Jeanne and I could steal away to the Barnes and Noble for our own copy (or 12) of the magazine.  And I'll tell you this in complete honesty:  it is totally bizarre to pluck a magazine off the shelf in Barnes and Noble and look for your face in it.  (Not that I didn't like it, because, trust me...I did.)

I was pretty pleased because the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, is on the cover of this issue, giving me just thatmuchmore success gravitas.  Until I had to explain Airbnb to Jeanne.  Nevermind on the gravitas, apparently.


And then, where the magazine naturally falls and PJP.  And Seymour.


After devouring the article, we purchased our Starbucks and headed to the checkout.  I actually mentioned to the guy checking us out that our business had an article in the magazine, hence our reason for purchasing so many copies.  And he goes:  "Oh, yeah?  Everyone gets their 15 minutes.  I guess yours just started...enjoy it before it ends."  Weeeellllllll...ok then.

So maybe it has, random cashier guy...maybe it has.  But we will take it, indeed.