Well, it certainly felt good to be back at the helm of the PJP ship today.  I was briefly worried that in my brief foray into a life that included laying by pool while waiters dropped off tropical cocktails all afternoon, I'd forget my PJP baking skill set.  Turns out, whisking and setting oven timers comes right back like I'd never been gone a day at all. We learned on Jeanne's days off (I hesitate to call them "vacation" days because I'm not entirely certain that a day spent watching Gunsmoke and fielding 15 phone calls from me counts as a vacation), that I was deficient in my fruit pie baking skills...and that lattice top pies and I are involved in a hate/hate relationship.  To that end, we've really focused in the past month or so on equipping me with the skills I need to feel okay doing Jeanne's job in case she would like a day off wherein I don't call her a lot or she needs a sick day.

Between you and me, I was a little anxious to see how Jeanne fared when she tried to cover my responsibilities.  While she may be the unofficial Queen of Lattice, she is involved in a hate/hate relationship with our computer.   She struggled to find our source for baby pie boxes and apparently spent over 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get to before giving up in a fit of frustration.  And then she spent 30 righteously indignant minutes this morning telling me about how they should change the spelling of the site to make it easier.  PREACH IT, SISTER.  It took everything in my soul to not say "I told you so" and instead I calmly sipped my iced coffee and said "Mmmhhhmmm..."

She also struggled with using Square.  She couldn't find the online shipping orders (or remember how to print shipping labels), so she just didn't ship...(which could be equivalent of Solid-Top Tuesday, no?).  And as all of this was going down last Wednesday, a Grammy winning bluegrass musician - Rhonda Vincent - was tweeting us about stopping by for a visit.  Except Jeanne didn't know how to tweet a response for Rhonda to hurry on over in her tour bus.  Remember, she doesn't care for "the Twitter".

And I don't recount any of this to throw Jeanne under the (tour) bus, but only because I actually think it is hilarious.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to teach Jeanne a thing or two about the necessities of my responsibilities.  Instead of Lattice Bootcamp, we will be holding Social Media 101 (alternatively titled "The Twitter Isn't Scary").  Instead of the specifics of squeezing rhubarb, we will discuss Intro to Square (alternatively titled "That Thing That Processes Our Credit Cards").  And I'm working on creating a document that lists our vendors for each of our supplies and the contact information for each (alternatively titled "How To Spell Webstaurant Without Crying or Swearing").

We are extraordinarily lucky that for the most part, we complement each other well.  Together, we make the perfect person.  And I suspicion these discoveries about what each of us brings to the table is typical for any partnership.  Discovering our shortcomings - and fixing them - is an important part of developing a model that can grow and expand into World Pie Domination.

But first, I have to convince her that #WorldPieDomination really just means the very same thing as World Pie Domination.  And that no, # isn't a person or a symbol you have to pay to use.  Pray for my patience.