Half a body

Our first day sans Rebecca! How did we fare? We, meaning the staff, did well. Me, on the other hand, was missing her terribly.  I put up a great front, confident, delegating orders, smiling when answering the phone, making sure I was talkative with our customers (trying to dis-spell my "I don't like people" image).  To be honest, this wasn't too difficult because we were relatively slow in sales. But this is Tuesday, what about the rest of the week when orders increase along with the traffic through the front door?  The coming days will unfold,  no doubt,  with chaos or organization.  

To recap why Rebecca is missed so much, is as follows

Our baby boxes did not arrive today. Rebecca would have tracked the package for delivery.  I had no idea how to do this. Will they be delivered on Wednesday morning or not?  I thought I knew  the company she orders  them from, Webstaurant, I think? So I tried to call them to make sure they actually shipped. However, I kept googling Webrestaurant.  Didn't work. A weird name, indeed, and easily misspelled.  I never did locate a phone number and gave up.

Our nine-inch pie pans are nearly depleted.  Did Rebecca order those also? I have no idea where she orders these. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I became mentally tapped out.

Shipping orders go out every Wednesday. Rebecca had showed me where to find the orders, so easy when she directed me. However, today I couldn't navigate where to find internet orders. I panicked! As this point, shipping will NOT HAPPEN this week. I apologize to all that have ordered. I just can't find where the orders are to process them.

Outside of the lack of supplies and my lack of knowledge on how to order them or check on delivery status, I felt empty. Rebecca usually blows in the door asking me what's going on, am I okay, have I had coffee yet, lets go a get a coffee and talk. We talk about everything from our husbands, bank balances, pending orders, what we ate for dinner, what the children are doing, pending parties, what's new on Buzz Feed, who called and did you know what else happened...

Loneliness is hard. I have experienced this a few times in my life. My staff and my husband were with me today baking and filling orders. But I was still lonely. I miss the cadence of her speech, I miss her telling me what's wrong with me and what is right with me. The pie shop was much too quiet today and Peggy Jean's is not complete without the both of us.