So. Um.

This test post is kinda of a payback for ridiculing Beck's latticework on the fruit pies when  I have been a MIA baker. Today, she is running me through the procedures on how to post. To be honest, how to turn on the computer, where to navigate, how the page scroll works, etc. She hasn't given a single clue on what the topic should be. She says she doesn't know it herself until she is ready to blog. That is true talent of a writer, on the other hand I can hear the mixers and the oven buzzers going off in the background and a chill runs down my spine!  I AM NOT A WRITER!!!!!! Life in  a bakery can be and usually is routine.  So writing a blog about what is happening  here  is a torturous task for me. Rebecca's blog,  I cannot wait to read. Every morning I find myself laughing out loud and amazed with how she chose the day's topic.   With me now covering this week, I will have to explain to Rebecca why readership dropped off and no one liked anything. I can hear our readers protesting loudly - don't read the blog! Rebecca is not back! You're not missing anything but a bunch of nothing words by a woman who doesn't even like people! Alas, poor Rebecca.

So the news today is I learned we are getting a new pastry cutter! That is exciting for me, how about you?