I Have Issues.

On our Facebook or Instagram earlier today, you might have seen a picture of Jeanne involved in a Blogging 101 tutorial.  And if not, here you go... IMG_4194


Next week, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I are taking our kids on summer vacation.  This leaves Jeanne in charge of PJP...and that includes the blog.  And if you've been around here for long, you know that Jeanne is not a member of Team Social Media.  She eschews Facebook, doubts Twitter, and the only blog she reads is mine.  But the harsh reality is that the blog is a big part of what I do at PJP and if I managed to lattice all the pies on her Tuesdays off in the past month, then she will have to login each night and type out a few gems of wisdom, right?  I'm actually really compelled to see what she will have to say each day (or each day that she actually posts...if she remembers how to login into Wordpress).

I basically need to employ a sherpa to pack along all the guilt I feel about leaving PJP for a week. I'm excited for a break and thrilled to spend a little non-pie distracted time with my people, but I also know that I'll be unable to break the cycle of wondering how things are going at 3601 Buttonwood in Columbia.  I'll also worry that Jeanne will wear out as the solo captain of the ship.  Plus, I just happen to know that it is far easier to run a business together than solo.  And I worry that if she is holding all the pieces to keep PJP functioning, then what about all the other things that need to happen to keep World Pie Domination moving forward?  And even though I'll undoubtedly talk to her every day, what if I miss some interesting development? Or miss out on the daily minutiae of our daily chatter?  Or hear the tiredness in her voice and be unable to do anything about it?

(Remind me to include a chapter in my memoir solely dedicated to all of my issues.  Or a whole memoir just about my issues, actually...)