It All Adds Up...

Earlier today, our food broker was kind enough to send me over an Excel spreadsheet of everything we've ordered - and the total quantity - since we opened our doors last April.  And honestly, the amounts were quite staggering...and those numbers don't even include all the trips to Hy-Vee for things not available through our food broker at a reasonable quantity (or price), such as bananas, whole milk, or German chocolate.  Or all the things we run out of because don't always plan the best.  (You really haven't experienced life PJP-style until you've run to Hy-Vee in a complete panic and purchased 60 dozen eggs and every can of pumpkin in the store.) You might have seen on Facebook earlier today that I put out a smallish contest to guess the total number of pounds of butter we've been through in 12 months.  The closest guess gets a gift certificate for a nine-inch pie.  My only hint is to tell you that Paula Deen has nothing on us, as PJP knows a thing or two about salted butter solids.

We are going to do a few other Facebook and in-store guessing games to keep the next few days interesting, but just to get us going, here are a few fun facts:

  1. Ounces of heavy whipping cream purchased in 12 months:  48,128.  Seriously.
  2. Amount of homemade whip topping consumed by Team PJP:  At least 87 mixer bowls.
  3. Pounds of brown sugar purchased in 12 months:  3,000.  More than a ton, literally.
  4. Number of times someone left the lid off the brown sugar:  Once.  Lesson learned.
  5. Bottles of wine consumed:  100, maybe?  Let's keep it real...probably more like 125.
  6. Bottles of wine consumed during Thanksgiving week:  Not enough.
  7. Pounds of gooseberries purchased in 12 months:  480.
  8. Number of times we answered the question "What the heck is a gooseberry?":  7,314,940.
  9. Pounds of blackberries purchased in 12 months: 720.
  10. Number of times we swore we were bleeding out to only realize it was blackberry juice:  5.