Vote For Us (...and Pedro)

If you recall, PJP's Cherry pie graced the cover of Feast Magazine's November issue.  A framed copy of this photo now hangs in PJP Buttonwood because we are just A LITTLE BIT PROUD.  Even  six months later, we point it out to any person that will stand still long enough for us to show it off... Uyu7_of2

And now, our sweet friends at Feast Magazine have nominated us for "Best Pie" in the Mid-Missouri/Southern Illinois region of their annual "Best Of Feast" contest.  We had no idea such an honor was coming our way until they tweeted the news at us late this afternoon.  My immediate thoughts were: 1) "those peeps at Feast are the best", and 2) "dang...I really want to win that".  And then I promptly dove into an extensive Internet information gathering session of our competitors.   They appear to be a fine group of pie bakers who really want to win as well.  DON'T WE ALL.

And all this is just a lame build-up to beg of you to vote for us.  Voting is allowed once a day through April 28th and one lucky voter will win a $100 gift certificate from Feast to someplace completely awesome (I'm guessing).

Here is where you go to vote for Team PJP.  It is the next step in World Pie Domination, right?