0% Sure.

We are ten days from an epic PJP milestone...our one-year anniversary.  And we should do something to mark the monumental occasion of the day we opened our doors to the public, right?  But what?  The following are all ideas under serious consideration...

  1. We host a public party at an off-site location so that we can accommodate the masses.  For a low admission fee, you eat all the tarts and drink all the booze you desire.  The pros:  the more, the merrier.  The cons:  someone (namely Jeanne and I) have to make the tarts and considering the way we operate, we will still be baking while everyone else is partying.
  2. We host a private party at PJP Buttonwood.  For no admission fee, we offer up slices of pie and endless glasses of chilled sweet white wine.  The pros:  it is a celebration, but in a contained format.  The cons:  PJP Buttonwood could never hold all the people we love enough to celebrate with...
  3. We party all day with special offers, such as baby pies for $4.17, t-shirts, and whatever else we can round-up in the next ten days.  The pros:  A similar plan for Pi(e) Day worked quite well and everyone can participate at some level, even if they just happen to randomly stop by for their first visit and wonder why we are doing a bunch of weird stuff on April 17th.  The cons:  We run out of shirts, cocktails, pies, pie boxes, and sanity...well before our 5:30 pm close time.
  4. We party for a specific time frame...such as offering free tarts and wine from 3 to 5 pm.  The pros: a lot of fun packed into 120 minutes.  The cons:  I bet people can eat free tarts faster than we can bake them.
  5. Jeanne sculpts "PJP" out of butter and places it on display in our storefront.  (No, I'm not joking...this conversation actually occurred.)  The pros: short of attending a state fair, butter sculptures are hard to come by.  The cons: Jeanne has never sculpted with butter as her primary medium...also, MELTING.
  6. We have a party on Saturday afternoon for the whole family.  The pros: a lovely thought.  The cons: veers closely to serving up hot dogs and painting #WPD on children's faces, which could be too much for my cynical soul.
  7. We get a deejay to give us live tunes for a good part of our day.  The pros: so so so much better than the sound on our computer running Spotify.  The cons:  he or she would probably quit after Jeanne demanded a steady supply of Coffeehouse tunes.
  8. We leave vouchers in places that we normally frequent (mainly Hy-Vee and Macadoodles)...anyone who finds one turns it into the store manager and receives a gift certificate for a free baby pie.  The pros:  we could make a PJP scavenger hunt completely entertaining.  The cons: exposing how few interesting places we really go could be depressing.
  9. We have a normal day.  The pros:  not stewing for the next nine days about how to celebrate.  The cons: PJP turning one deserves more.
  10. We close for the day and spend the majority of our day reflecting on our year while drinking wine and not baking.  The pros:  happy anniversary to us, indeed.  The cons:  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason does not endorse this plan as a solid business decision.