We Owe You.

I had a text conversation with a member of my Inner Circle last week wherein I mentioned that I feel like all I do lately is work, stew around, and fall asleep early on the couch.  His immediate response?  1)  Those are the only things I do lately, so my feelings are justified.  2)  No one said the road to World Pie Domination was going to be easy. giphy-7

And without question, my Inner Circle member was spot-on in his current analysis of my life.  For about the 83rd time in the last 10 months, I've sat back and wondered where exactly the finish line is when starting your own business.  And the most honest thing I can ever tell you is that THERE IS NO FINISH LINE.  EVER.  So all these days at PJP full of pie orders and weekend calendars full of baking parties and special events like Pi(e) Day...these make our road to World Pie Domination just as it should be:  a little hectic, a lot exhausting, a bit unclear, somewhat overwhelming, and a smidgen scary as hell.  Just so you know.

We are normally closed on Mondays, but we spent most of today baking for a large order of 200 baby caramel apple pies for a single client.  I was a little compelled to play the martyr card about our billionth day in a row inside of PJP without a break.  (In case you didn't know, I'm great a being a martyr AND at being overdramatic...I really consider it a skill.)  But while we were baking, I found myself thinking about my former pre-PJP professional life.  About this time each year, my clients faced an ominous and unrelenting deadline imposed by the federal government in order to receive much-needed funding.  There were decisions to be made, paperwork to be filed, and about 10 conference calls a day to be had.  Even thinking about it a year later makes me sigh a bit for the process of it all.

And then I couldn't stop thinking about how much our lives have changed in a mere 365 days.  Even given my propensity to stew around about achieving World Pie Domination, even with a 12 hour day as our standard, even though I want to answer "tired" every time any person asks me how I am...WE ARE SO VERY THANKFUL.  We have a vision and we are following it...that anyone bothers to come along with us and be a part of this World Pie Domination goal, well...it is simply life-changing.  Thank you times one million for being a part of what we are doing...and mainly for simply believing that we can do it.  We can never say it enough, but it couldn't be more true...your friendship, your support, your kindness, your willingness to make PJP a part of your life...overwhelming, indeed.

One day we will bake you each 200 baby pies as a thank you.