Tuesdays Are For Lists...

Because Tuesdays are for lists, here are a few things of note at PJP:

  1. Planning for Pi(e) Day is in full swing.  Because we work best under extreme circumstances, rest assured that the most outrageous ideas will form around Friday afternoon or so, but until then here is what is on our mind:  free pi(e) day t-shirts to the first 30 or so customers to visit the store; hand pies for $3.14 each; a golden ticket baked into a five-inch and nine-inch pie that awards the recipient with free pie for a year; samples of all types of pie; and, a Mimosa bar all morning long for no valid reason except that we like Mimosas.  And we can.
  2. We spent some time this morning discussing logos for our new t-shirts, as we've all tired of "pie is the new cake".  Mac suggested that given our penchant for running our of supplies, it should simply say "PJP:  Making Do With What We've Got".  PREACH IT.  At the minimum, I'll order one each for our FedEx guy and our UPS guy for all the days I've met them at the door and wailed about how much I needed the contents of whatever box was being carried in.
  3. Parking has been at a premium lately at 3601 Buttonwood.  The addition of Tiger Bounce and the soon-to-be open Starbucks has extra traffic in an area that had basically NO TRAFFIC this time last year.  No worries though, because the two very best spots in the parking lot have been reserved just for PJP customers.  The sign company stopped by today and installed this on two parking spots immediately outside our front door...IMG_3348
  4. After spending most of February demanding that we all dress in multiple layers, I was rewarded with our lowest electric bill since opening our doors almost a year ago.  If you come in and find us all baking in tank tops, you'll know my plan for keeping summer electric costs lower than last year is a "less is more" approach.
  5. No one at PJP can agree on any decent music this week.  I blame the time change.
  6. All that said, I purchased tickets to see Iron and Wine at The Blue Note next month with my bestie and I'm doing my best to refrain from making Team PJP binge and overdose on Iron and Wine until then.  I'll just wait until after the concert for that.
  7. I Googled "pie in Missouri" today and PJP was third on the returned search.  Frankly, that is UNACCEPTABLE and I've got to figure out a way for PJP to be in the number one spot.  I have some ideas, but in the meantime, can we all just Google "pie in Missouri" and then click on the PJP link?  Out of principle?
  8. As of yesterday, PJP no longer has voicemail.  If you call and we don't answer within four rings, you'll be directed to an auto attendant that can tell you our hours, our location, and ways to find us on the Internet.  And as someone who hates voicemail with a white-hot intensity, you are welcome.
  9. Our Date Night event for Friday night has sold out.  We have another planned for April, so watch for the date.  And find a date.  See what I did there?
  10. Finally, we have plans to be at Taste of Mid-Missouri on Monday evening at the Alumni Center on the MU campus.  We will be sampling out tarts all night.  We've never been before and feel a little unsure about what we are doing...so basically it will be our average day.  Just at night.  And in a different venue.