Pi(e) Day

So, next Saturday is Pi Day.  As in the 3.14159265359 sort of pi, but now also in a cultural sort of "pie" day as well.  And for the only time this century, it will be 3.1415 pi day on 3/14/15.  And then to knock it up a notch or two, there will also be that perfect moment at 9:25:23, wherein the numbers are all perfectly aligned. pi day


I can tell you nothing about Pi, but I can tell you A LOT about pie (obviously).  And I feel like if there is going to be some sort once-in-a-lifetime event centered around pi(e), then PJP V. 2.0 should be leading the charge, right?

At PJP, we celebrate the art of baking pie every single day...and we make sure that we have all the fun in the world while doing it.  And the best way we can think of to share that with the masses is to make a PJP pie pickup part of someone's regular life.  How?  We plan to include a golden ticket in a random nine-inch pie and a five-inch pie baked early next Saturday morning.  If you purchase a pie next Saturday and your pie has the famed golden ticket, you win a pie a month for the next year (nine-inch if you found the ticket in the nine-inch pie, etc).  We'd offer you a tour to accompany your winning ticket, but if you've been in our store then you know that you can see it all from the front door and the tour would be exceptionally short indeed.

We also have our friends at Fast Yeti working on a great Pi(e) Day t-shirt and we will have shirts to give away on Saturday morning.  And if you want, Jeanne and I will sign and number your shirt like a fine item from the Franklin Mint.  (Kidding.  Sorta.)

Count on samples as well.  And maybe mimosas.  And who knows what else.  We work best under pressure, so I'm betting that whatever we come up with by next Friday night is going to be AWESOME.

Mark your calendars...3/14/15.  Pi Day.  Pie Day.  PJP Day.  World Pie Domination.