A List.

  1. It's March.  And historically, March has taken first place in my contest for least favorite month.  Until I owned a business and endured the slow retail days of January.  March looks to be packed full of events and parties and interesting things at PJP, so I give March full credit for leaving behind least-favored-status.  Good work, March.
  2. You might have seen a picture on our Instagram last weekend of a gluten-free baking mix.  I can confirm to you that a 12-inch gluten-free Strawberry Rhubarb pie was made and sold at PJP Buttonwood last Saturday morning.  We should have an official statement on the future of gluten-free pie at PJP in the next few days.
  3. For those of you keeping track, the fine folks at webstaurantstore.com confirmed that the pie tins sent to us were NOT the same as what we received in the past.  Of course, we already knew that...but confirmation that we weren't crazy was welcomed.  The details fall somewhere in a story about manufacturers and suppliers and buyers and to be honest, I blocked most of it out because the bottom line...we should have the correct pie tins in a month or so.  And I ordered 6,000 of them to be safe.
  4. We were talking today at PJP Buttonwood about ideas for the upcoming Pi Day next Saturday.  Jeanne asked for outrageous ideas and Mac suggested that we just actually have everything in stock that we need...all the bags, boxes, tins, labels...Fwh4Cpy.jpg
  5. Speaking of Pi Day, we are working diligently on some fun ideas to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event (it will be 3/14/15 and pi is 3.1415...or so Google tells me).  I'm saving up a good number of details for a post later in the week, but I promise you won't be disappointed by what we have in store.
  6. Only two seats remain for our March 13th date night event.  Bring your favorite person and come bake pie with us.  Stake your claim on the last two tickets by calling us at the store (447-PIES)...$45 a couple.
  7. For all of you frustrated would-be pie purchasers who battle the parking wars with Tiger Bounce customers, know that relief is on the way.  We now have two parking spaces dedicated to PJP customers and the signage has been approved by The Kroenke Group.  The signs should be up soon, but here is a sneak peek...FullSizeRender-41
  8. Sadly one of these signs will be installed at my preferred parking spot.  Do we think I might push Silent Stan over the edge if I request parking specifically for Jeanne and I?
  9. We were talking today about walking more, instead of driving, to Hy-vee as the weather turns nicer in the coming weeks.  Which quickly regressed into a conversation about decorating a Hy-vee cart with PJP signage and parking it at our back door to use as needed.  And the saddest part of this story is that we all felt the idea had some merit.
  10. I'm considering starting a Kickstarter campaign with the sole funding goal of buying Jeanne a minimum of 365 pairs of reading glasses.  Each day, we have a momentary work stoppage at PJP while everyone must look for her misplaced glasses.  I think if we could just have a pair for each calendar day of the year, PJP would be more productive overall.